South City International School took a modern approach in education with KnwEdu app

Digitization and its perks can astound any person with its advantages in our day to day life. In this digital age we have to go hand in hand with the advancement of technology which makes our lives simpler. KnwEdu has made a great effort to connect student teachers parents and the institution in a common platform. South city International School has also taken a step towards the digitization of it’s academic system and the way they interact with students and their parents.

“Today we are in the digital ages and schools are not going to be left behind.”

Quoted by Mr. John Bagul, who is the Principal of South City International School, where KnwEdu has been adopted and the South City Internantional School is now connected digitally to its students and their parents.

KnwEdu has made it possible to look into the school notice board and other educational curriculum with a touch of a button and without being on the scene. Students can check their schedule of classes and what assignment and home work is given to them with just few clicks. One more interesting feature it possess that the parents can live track on their children on their performances in class, tests and on their daily attendances with just a click of a button.

This gives the parents the complete idea about their children’s day to day activities in the school. Now to think more, these features can not only be accessible from any smartphone and tablets in the form of KnwEdu app which is available for both android and iOS users. The app with the ease, it is made is completely hassle free. It is a very user friendly app for both technical and non-technical person.

Modernization is a wonderful thing and when it comes in context of education and knowledge which makes it more alluring. Due to this reason, a lot of intuitions are having KnwEdu in their curriculum and receiving the benefits of this wonderful platform .Furthermore the end users of this service be it the students or the teachers are quite happy to have this wonderful application in their reach. Even the institutions are taking initiatives to progress into modern way of teaching.