How a school saved 50 Kgs of paper by sending electronic notices and circulars contributing to a greener society.

KnwEdu has set yet another benchmark recently when one of the partner school decided on using KnEwdu’s Bulletins feature for sending electronic notices and circulars; thus became early adopters of tech and paperless systems. The initiative was very well received by the parents and schools connected on its platform. There is an estimated saving of 50 kgs paper per month which were otherwise being consumed in printing school notices or newsletters; as school's part of contribution towards Mother Earth which today needs all the help it can get.

The user friendly “Bulletin feature” is designed so well that even a stranger to KnwEdu app won’t face any issue.

All the schools who have partnered with the platform can issue a notice or circular to intended audience in few clicks only.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. All notices at one place.
    • Active notices.
    • Old notices.
    • My notices
    • Release a notice.
  3. Release a notice, anytime anywhere.
  4. Select the intended audience from lists & checkboxes and also create your custom list for future notices.
  5. Reminder feature sends reminders to those who haven’t checked and also during the deadlines to everyone.
  6. Release newsletters and maximize the publicity of events.
  7. Sync the digital display board and Notices will appear there automatically.
  8. Notify others in case the notice is cancelled.

The procedure is as follows-

  1. Login to knewdu app and go to the notices sections.
  2. Click on release a notice.
  3. Go to the text box, type the notice then select the(check boxes of) people (receivers) you want to send the notice to.
  4. One can create some master lists of the recipients and send notices to them just in one click.
  5. A in app notification will be delivered to all the intended recipients.
  6. It can be checked from ‘My account’ section if someone has seen the notice or not.

The user friendly “Bulletin feature” is designed so well that even a stranger to Knwedu app won’t

face any issuue.

Benefits of using ‘Bulletin feature’-

  • Easy to use.
  • Anytime, anywhere. No matter it's weekend or vacation, you can always connect.
  • One destination to keep all your notices and circulars.
  • Always handy, Check the recent notices and newsletter from the school anytime.
  • Unintrusive, as sent to concerned audience only than in bulk to everyone.
  • No need of a peon to circulate notice around the school.
  • Send important notices and their reminders to parents, all of them at once.
  • Announce competitions and events promptly.

With the Bulletin feature, the record keeping, distribution and retrieval has become very easy, and hectic work of the schools has been minimized to a large extent. With more schools adapting to this feature, KnwEdu is working to improve this feature and create a database for all the registered schools very soon. Schools can also notify students and parents in case of any emergency leave or some assignment to be brought on a specific date.

But it's the mother Earth who matters the most and needs us.