School bus tracking service

School bus service is very much common in most of the schools. With both parents working it becomes imperative for schools to provide bus service for students with designated pick up & drop. With increasing customer expectation and child safety social consciences, the best way for the school to have happy parents is to provide bus tracking service. Well of course traditional service options are available with tracking devise and sms intimation. But gone are those days, they are inefficient, expensive and comes with recurring cost. So what’s new: KnwEdu bus tracking: it works exactly like a cab-aggregator operate. Your school bus driver downloads an app and logs in , parents choose the bus route assigned to their child, sets up the points at which they want to be alerted, that’s it. Your school bus tracking is up and running in no time. Now, track your schools bus and provide parents the peace of mind they expect from you.

Benefits of App based bus tracking


KnwEdu uses licensed google maps for school bus tracking. Location is updated every 3 seconds providing accurate location throughout the service tenure. Being an app-based service there is no on boarding and recurring cost.