School Bus Tracking feature: How schools introduced bus tracking and added value to their institution

Morning is busiest hour for all parents, be it any one. Time is precious; but morning time is ultra-precious. Kids always keep imagining new ways to skip school, like, not being ready when the school bus arrives. Sometimes, we plan to surprise your kid by receiving him/her after school yourself, but the uncertainty of the location of the school bus spoils it.

The other time, school bus gets a flat Tyre and we don't know where exactly our kids are stuck. And often, we get anxious after the delay from their regular time of arrival. One is unable to dare to trust outsiders when it comes to security of their innocent love. That's why we keep driver’s phone numbers and bus registration numbers. It is our tendency to be overly concerned about kid’s safety and it is important too.

Imagine, if we could know the bus routes and all its stops along with its exact location of school. School Bus Tracking system by KnwEdu is the solution that makes it into a reality. KnwEdu, aligning to its strategy of creating an easier life with many small changes through technology, has now added the school bus tracking feature to its app that enables parents to track their ward’s school bus in real time from anywhere. The technology in use here is GPS location service and the familiar KnwEdu app.

This feature is very well received by parents, who actually long wanted such a facility of tracking school bus of their kid. And this long wait ended after hard work of team to set it working. Since schools understand parent's concerns about safety, so many of them have come forward with intention to add value to their institution with this tech which is set to become a new norm for schools. After all, security is beyond compromise.

How it works:

● KnwEdu uses the mobile device’s own location service to broadcast the location of the Bus.
● Route of the bus is decided before it commences journey and is synchronized to parent's app each time along with driver's identity and contact details.
● The GPS or the location service of the mobile device sends and updates its real time location through KnwEdu’s server, which in turn shows up on parent’s KnwEdu app.
● The automated servers notifies if there is any deviation by more than 10 minutes from regular timings, along with the bus stoppages, traffic delays etc.


Seamless, accurate, reliable and easy to use school bus tracking facility.


Robust customer care and support.