What are the rules of KnwEdu Challenge, are they fair and square

KnwEdu Challenge is a time bound program, where in you have 90 minutes to answer 270 questions. The questions are divided into three segments covering the subjects it is intended for. There is no negative marking and students are allowed to skip a question and come back to answer the same. The evaluation process for position holder is completely technology driven, and is completely free of any human involvement.

The evaluation process begins with students who have correctly attempted 150 questions, with 50 from each section. Our technology platform first screens them and evaluates the top scorer among the shortlisted pool who have scored the best in all 3 subjects.

The final list is created for each class and position holders are notified by phone call, sms and email. A standard publication is published with the details of the position holders in page 3, Times Of India and the same is made public by Radio Mirchi.

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