Our Company

Our Idea – Our expert team of experienced industry innovators started with a simple idea. Can I see what’s going on in my child’s classroom? In this day and age of smart phones, high-speed networks and advanced software, the answers seemed simple. Our application started to develop from there with painstaking research into each feature. We looked at everything that makes up today’s world of education, instant communication and busy schedules. Schools and classroom instructions are no longer done the old fashioned way. Today we have smart classrooms and an extremely competitive academic environment. So why not empower the parents, students, teachers and schools to make a digital school in a single platform. We now have an app that supports everybody in the school ecosystem.

Our Strategy – We intend to serve – schools and institution administrators, teachers, students, parents and school bus operators. We will even allow you to track your little one when he or she is riding the school bus. All of this can be done from today’s smart phones.We will continue to focus on adapting new technologies, innovation, research and analytics to expand our portfolio of features and ensure better solutions for our institution partners and every interested stakeholder who is providing the next generation of our citizens with quality education. Our goal is to deliver all this at minimal cost and the highest level of quality.

Our Team – Our team of committed individuals have a variety of experience in India, UAE, UK and the USA. Before offering our expertise and enthusiasm to KnwEdu, we have been in leading positions in Information Technology. We have partnered with leading experts in the education arena. We have managed large teams across wide geographic areas. We have been associated with many of the world’s leading brands across a wide spectrum of industries. Our team of professionals has been trained in leading institutions in India, like IIT, Symbiosis and British Council and from the USA.