Online School Fees Payment System : KnwEdu’s integrated payment gateway

In view of the recent rush towards digital payments in India, online school fees payment system is the urgent need of the hour. If we want to sync with the global standards and be efficient, we need to digitize more and more processes and services. In online school fees payment there is so much scope to improve and optimize, also to eradicate the hustles at school administration offices, for the convenience of everyone.

The online fees payment system makes fee collection for schools very easy and efficient. Easy record keeping, automated processes, less human computational error, digital receipts, efficient grievance redressal and time saving features makes it necessary for the current schooling system. Thanks to online school fee payment facility, now we don’t need to go anywhere, still all the clumsy work can done within minutes. The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has recently launched its online school fees payment system in collaboration with the United Bank of India and it has set a benchmark for other schools who consider themselves at par with premium institutes.

The basic problem that arises if you choose online school fees payment is a platform that would provide all the services at once. Paying the school fee online would facilitate the user to use their Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, E-wallets or other payment solution techniques at one place and the paid amount reaches to the connected bank accounts of schools by the automated servers.

KnwEdu solves this basic problem with its inbuilt payment gateway which is secured and well connected to multiple paying channels and banks. With integrated payment gateway, online school fees payment is just a one touch away.

With dedicated apps for the partner schools, they can easily notify parents about the online fees payment dates and validity. Hence parents will be up-to-date about the status of the payment directly via any device or platform. With the inbuilt payment gateway, parents can easily make the online school fees payment, irrespective of day, time, or banking method.

Pros of online school fees payment system-

  • Time-saving process both for student and school.
  • No hustle of keeping the documents in hard copies.
  • No discrepancy by any means.
  • Boost to the paperless Indian economy and Digital India initiative.
  • All the fee payment records can be retrieved for accounting, very easily at any time.
  • Easy serviceability at any stage.

With the inclusion of online school fees payment, the aim is not to eradicate the old system but to enhance it and make it much accessible for students and their parents. It will not only help in managing the data, but in shaping and nurturing the kids towards the digital payment ecosystem from a tender age.