How KnwEdu’s Class Announcement helps Parents and Teachers?

KnwEdu is an integrated school management solution which aims to bring much needed simplicity to administration to an institutional especially in the field of education. Communication plays a vital role in school. Parents and students need to be kept in the loop and notified at all time with what is going on within the school premises. This can be difficult trying to communicate to a large audience all at once.

Class Announcement is an important feature of the KnwEdu One Touch Academics solution app, which aims to further bridge gap between parents, students and faculty member and create a standardized platform for meaningful collaboration to happen.

Class announcement feature is an ideal way to post timely update and to remind students and parents of deadline, upcoming assignments, exam schedule or due dates, events and more.

KnwEdu’s Class announcement module act as a ‘stream of consciousness’ class announcement is organised by dates and displayed on the main page of the course . Announcement can contain text image multimedia as well as course content. Teachers will also be able to see who viewed the announcement.

As soon as the announcement is created, software takes care of notifying parents and students about the real time notification through text, email or push notification depending on the preferred notification preferences .

It allows teachers to send class wide announcement to both students and parents. Students may benefit by feeling more connected to teachers and the course by having the most updated information


  • Sends one way announcement
  • Keeps contact information safe and private for everyone
  • Makes an evident difference in saving time
  • Makes it easy to send text alert to thousand of students in seconds

A text or email notification regarding a students upcoming exam for example would be a powerful tool for school to enhance parents oversight of the children’s activities .It would encourage parental involvement, helps parents to provide support and help, and other aid to students.

Transitioning all messaging between school and parents via mobile is an excellent way to make sure parents are constantly updated with important information of school.

KnwEdu’s class announcement module is an effort to keep parents abreast of their wards activities, creating a secured feeling and environment.