KnwEdu, an Online School Management platform: Serving beyond School Premises

Nearly every aspect of the real world has gone digital including sectors such as manufacturing Science, Medicine, Entertainment and is looking forward to have software for taking their business to the next higher level and reach new heights, school management should not be left behind.

With the advent of the 21 st century students have become smarter and learn at rapid pace. During such time it is always a ripping experience for the institution to upgrade from the old school model to a platform which is easy to manage as well as smart and has a systematic approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspect of their institution.

Every school management authority should adapt an online school management system i.e a centralized data storage structure that self regulates the cycle of a student right from admission procedure till graduation, maintains academic records, allow school to collect fees conduct exam and print report cards.

Everyone involved in the academic process can reap several benefits from this well integrated approach be it the administrators who oversees the school operations, teachers,students, parents and staff.

By implementing this digital one touch academic solutions like our KnwEdu platform, one can access data from anywhere and at anytime. Administration department will be the most benefited with this school management solution as it will help to access, manage or organize data and processes reliably and quickly with a great ease. Eventually workload of administration department will get reduced.

Management of admission procedure, admission form collection, is done with the help of single data entry in the centralized database. The admission module in the software manages the admission procedure of the students which will make the process more manageable, error free and more efficient by reducing paper work.

Teacher can now track every student’s progress, identify specific areas of focus for each student with actual data and offer solutions that address their specific needs efficaciously. Teachers can keep a tab on every students’ attendance separately. Teachers can easily notify parents about their student’s report once it is filed.

Gone are the days when Parents had to check the diary of kids everyday for checking any updates, when parents used to stand in a long queue for the payment of school fees of their wards. But now things have changed. Because of their busy schedule, parents nowadays can hardly devote time for their children.

Earlier parents teacher meeting were held quarterly in a year to keep the parents updated about their child’s performance. But with growing complexity in the education system parents are alert and trying to be in contact with the teacher all the time to know about their ward’s performance.

In today’s busy life, where often both the parents are working or living far away from the institution, it is difficult for them to visit the institution on a regular basis. Through the school management system software, the parent just have to log into the portal and they will be provided with complete reliable updates on child’s attendance, academic grades, fee payment history and so on. Overall parents will get a trustworthy helping hand for their children education in spite of their busy schedule. They can also interact with the teachers in a friendly chat system. Parents can even pay their wards school fees online from the convenience of their home.

Students who miss school due to illness or for any other reasons often fall behind. The flipped classroom allows student to keep up on instructional material even when/if he/she miss the class. Students can get notified with exam schedules , disciplinary warnings, any alteration in class system. Digital connectivity will provide unprecedented educational experiences that are tailor made of every individual student Online school management system is a simple and effective solution that connects multiple departments and campuses in single integrated window. This approach will reduce the manual labour instantly. This would pave way for better administration as well as for effective communication between the teachers and parents about student’s performance and behavior on regular basis.