How K-12 education system can adapt KnwEdu’s Exclusive App platform

K-12 Education is the most recent and effective way of inculcating seeds of education in the growing children, which constitutes the combination of primary and secondary education. Many countries like India, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Philippines, Australia, Afghanistan, South Korea, United States and Iran have adopted and integrated K-12 Education system to the grass root level.

This field of education has proved to be a dominating educational system over the previous models of educational systems. It promotes the model of thinking and reaching own conclusions to any given concept. This system facilitates the students to get individual attention as a result of which they are able to grasp the topics and understand the subjects in a much better way.

For those who don’t know about K-12 Education System, K-12 is a shortening where ‘K’ stands for kindergarten (Ages 4 to 6 years) and ‘12’ stands for grade till 12 (Ages 7 to 19 years), the first and last grades of free education in these countries, respectively.

How KnwEdu is beneficial for K-12 Education System?

knwEdu adaptation to K-12 education system helps bringing online oriented education solutions to students in Pre (K) throughout till 12th grade

K-12 provides online oriented education solutions for students in Pre (K) through 12th grade. A student gets to interact with the digital education system, which not only helps in skill development but also in awareness and confidence building.

KnwEdu digitizes the whole learning and educational system with its all-in-one feature app platform. KnwEdu provides online functionalities like online attendance, notice and circular alerts, online bus tracking, progress report, performance analysis and report generation, online fee payment and many more. These features can easily be accessed by any mobile device or platform, hence making it super adaptive and user friendly.

Institutes adapting K-12 education model can reap the benefits of KnwEdu by simply getting their own exclusive app and connecting the students and their parents through it. Features like staff attendance, timetable management, parent teacher meeting, student feedback etc will be at their fingertips. Administration and management becomes mobile with the help of KnwEdu.

Benefits for the students in K-12 education model:-

  • Building Confidence
  • Better understanding ability
  • Dedicated attention for learning
  • Knowledge build-up
  • Self Determination
  • Self Dependency
  • Skills Development & Enhancement

This educational system has revolutionized the previous education models, over the years. Adaptation to KnwEdu helps students and parents get familiar with digital education platform which in result brings their institution on their mobile devices.

Teachers encourage the students to showcase their personal ideas and perceptions. The usual strategy is to ask students to focus on multiple assignments since it develops a cognitive as well as a fascinating learning habit. This strategy makes students self- determining, reliable and indulgent improving the relation between the teacher and students which in turn results in a cordial atmosphere. KnwEdu helps building and developing this atmosphere with much integrated functionality and robust network. This type of atmosphere can create masterminds who, in the long run, can turn into becoming excellent assets for the school including the society and the nation.