How a school decided on introducing karate classes after taking parents’ feedback from KnwEdu’s feedback section.

KnwEdu’s feedback feature published a thread on its blog for “Introducing karate classes for kids”. Parents of students from the registered schools were notified by KnwEdu App for joining the the ongoing discussion on the forum regarding the subject. Enthusiastic participation from parents yielded a valuable discussion.

A school registered on the system of KnwEdu planned on introducing karate classes for kids, but before that, they first wanted to have feedback and a word with the parents. It was easy, thanks to KnwEdu’s Feedback and Blog on the school’s app network. All the partner schools get a separate blog and feedback section on their Exclusive KnwEdu app, where they can put up all the content, initiatives, circulars and notices on their blog within a matter of clicks and can notify all the parents via SMS or the in-app notification.

The parents, who are already content with the increased communications with the school, visible growth in their kid’s performances and efficient school administration, responded very well on school’s Exclusive KnEwdu App‘s blog and feedback forum on receiving the notification. In today’s era, where all-round development is must for each student, Karate skills are going to be the next big step. Apart from the physical growth, they learn to perform in teams and they get to learn the sportsman’s spirit.

Benefits of karate classes to the kids:

  • Self-contentment for safety
  • Physical growth and health benefits
  • Focus and self- discipline.
  • Determination and temptation for achievement.
  • A platform to familiarize with coaches and other students of similar interests.
  • Learn to respect and care others (sportsman’s spirit).

Some of the parents had few concerns which the school tried to sort in the discussion, albeit most of the parents being happy with the school’s initiative (after reading the blog on KnwEdu), which were put on the comments section;

  • Profile of the instructor.
  • Effect on academics (if any).
  • Thoughts of other parents.
  • Karate styles that would be focused on.
  • Any specific goal of the school apart from all round development of students.

Feedback allows us to build and maintain communication with others. Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful. Feedback is valuable information that will be used to make important decisions.Effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver, and the wider organization.

Schools promptly replied to the queries of parents and discussed concerns through comments section of KnwEdu’s blog. After receiving the positive feedback from the parents, the school started an online enrollment form. Students and their parents started to enroll for the karate classes on the very same day.

Some positive feedback from parents-

“This new online system adopted from the school is welcome. The way information is now being communicated has eased the parenting process between the hustle of day to day life.”

“Karate classes will surely add to the endurance and health of the students. Thanks to school for this initiative and their prompt online system for the notification.”

“Though karate and other sports will surely add to the all-round development of kids, I would give a thumbs up to the school’s new process of putting up information online and notifying with the SMS service. Especially the new online fees payment system is a very good solution.”

With the positive feedback and easy enrollment, the karate classes started very soon and are running very well. Also the students or parents can communicate with their coach and teachers anytime they want with our integrated messaging service.