• Fees management
  • Bus tracking
  • School bulletins
  • Attendance (students and staff)
  • Syllabus
  • Exam schedule
  • Time table


  • Home work
  • Class work
  • Class tests and quizzes
  • Daily diary

Parents and Students

  • Fees Payments
  • Bus Tracking
  • Exam results
  • Send requests

Simplify execution and connect users on the go


Notice Distribution

Deviceless Bus Tracking

Digitised Examination

Elevate Onto Complete Digitization

Exclusive Academic Information & Management System with features like onine fee payment, school bus tracking, digital paperless examination

Share Easy

Share all your files from your favourite cloud storage service

features of Drop Box Included
features of Google Drive Included
features of icloud Included

Incredible Offline Mode

Features available in Offline Mode also
By implementing this digital one touch academic solutions like our KnwEdu platform, one can access data from anywhere and at anytime. Administration department will be the most benefited with this school management solution as it will help to access, manage or organize data and processes reliably and quickly with a great ease.

No Internet across the campus? Not to worry at all. Execute daily tasks in offline mode and synchronize the same each day when in Wi-Fi environment.

Features available in Offline Mode also

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine: Features of our cloud integration

KnwEdu is committed to complete data security. Institutions are hosted on quality cloud servers and secured with industry leading SSL.

Get Going

Dedicated assistance is provided for data migration during setup. Deployment is made simple by providing quality knowledge transfer and orientation to administrators and educators. Application being available on all platforms provides users the freedom to use their choice of device..

All the features across every software platform