What is KnwEdu?

KnwEdu is a transformation. A journey from old school operating methodology to elevate on to the most efficient process of servicing an education institution.

From where and how can I download KnwEdu app?

Visit the app store or the playstore and download the free app, but you can enjoy the service only if your institution has implemented KnwEdu.

What language does KnwEdu cater to?

English for now, but more coming up shortly.

What is the cost of downloading the app?

It will always be free, that’s a promise.

Who will control the profiles?

Predominantly institution administration.

Will KnwEdu provide the extra features we want?

KnwEdu is being offered as SAAS (software as a service), so we will keep adding new features.

What if we want to discontinue the usage?

Each institution enjoys the freedom of terminating the service at their wish by giving 30 days of prior notice..

Who will feed the data and how much data can be uploaded at a time?

On initial setup we upload all data of the institution saving your valuable time. But throughout the service period and after the setup is complete, administration can upload data.

What if the entire cloud space gets consumed?

Each plan comes with a pre decided cloud storage limit, which according to our experience will suffice institutions storage need for a complete academic year. But incase of cloud space enhancement further space can be allocated.

Is it mandatory to have a smartphone, laptop or internet connection?

Well at least you need to have either smartphone, tablet or a computer to use the app. As of now teachers can use the offline mode, which will be extended to parents and students as well in due course.

Can anyone use someone else’s profile?

Not at all. KnwEdu app is completely secure for each user.

Can a parent see the data of a different child?

Nope. They can only access their own child’s information.

Will this app update features on its own?

Yes. Auto update is enabled in KnwEdu. So each time we release an update, users will be prompted to click the update button when they visit the app. We request each user to update the app immediately each time they see the prompt as that will ensure smoother service.

Is this application suitable for a non-technical person?

KnwEdu app has been designed for everybody. You may be a geek or a layman. Believe us you will be able to enjoy the features in minutes without any formal training.

Where does KnwEdu store all my data and is it safe?

KnwEdu stores all data on powerful cloud servers with multiple redundancies spread across different geographies.

Does KnwEdu provide customized information?

Yes, KnwEdu provides information specific to user. Simultaneously, it gives you generic information about the institute.