Digitizing parent-teacher meetings: How digital interaction on KnwEdu can result into more meaningful conversations

Today’s lifestyle! Everyone is rushing and extremely busy with the cumbersome work life. It often happens that we miss small things with no immediate consequence, and these unattended things evolve into great problems later on. Caring for kids, for example, needs a lot of attention but is often neglected in the race. We are not able to monitor our ward’s performance in real time, or provide guidance and resources when needed; but are present to scold them at time of results which adds up to the pressure. KnwEdu’s feature of digital interaction between a teacher and a parent can help solve this problem.

Digital interaction between teacher and parents, just like digital interaction between any two people, can
very well fill-in the communication gap, as digital interaction does not require immediate attention of parents and solves the very problem. Also, since the students himself is not part of communication link, digital interaction is more honest and transparent too as kids often hide matters from parents as they fear scolding.

Digital interaction also helps parents better understand their wards and their mental state as they are aware of their school activities.

Pros of digital interaction:
● Doesn’t need immediate attention.
● Honest and transparent.
● Help parents better understand their children.
● Efficient and effortless record keeping along with retrieval.
● Compatible to the digitization and the digital revolution.
● Effortless

How it works:
● KnwEdu helps School for record keeping and other school related tasks. It also has integrated feature to send bulk custom messages, notices and circulars’ notification.
● At the time of result declaration, teachers update marks and the records of the students via KnwEdu, and it is uploaded to cloud space storage, which further helps reducing storage of paper files and records.
● For notices or updates, teacher can enter the required message, and details of concerning class, and the message will delivered directly to parents’ KnwEdu app in just one click.

This seemingly small shift to digital would lead to more informed parents, confident teachers, better scores and most importantly, smarter kids.

You must know kid’s environment better to care them better.