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Challenge Rules

KnwEdu Challenge is a fair, unbiased program aimed at helping the society. In order to have a fair program and provide equal opportunity to all participants we have come up with certain program guidelines, which have been curated by top academicians. Each challenge question sets are prepared by regional teachers who are committed in teaching and improving student lives.

KnwEdu Challenge is executed for a group of three subjects (eg Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). The questions are selected by industry veterans who follow class and board syllabus for a particular KnwEdu challenge. In order to have a fair Challenge, our idea and effort is to come up with questions, which follow the regular school curriculum. The questions are based on proper application of knowledge gained from school curriculum.

Each KnwEdu Challenge consists of 270 questions split among three subjects specific to a class curriculum. It is a time bound activity. Each challenge with all 270 questions is time bound to 90 min (5400 sec) and each question is time limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. There is no negative marking and students can come back to a particular question they have skipped. A minimum of 150 questions need to be attempted in order to qualify for evaluation merit list. The final merit list for each class consists of:

  • 1 student for first position
  • 1 student for second position
  • 2 students for third position

For KnwEdu Challenge West Bengal class 7,8,9 students receive the following financial support:

First Position Inr 2,50,000
Second Position Inr 1,50,000
Third Position Inr 75,000 (each student)

KnwEdu Challenge with the program recognizes prominent students with exceptional academic abilities and provides give away which pays for their school or college tuition fees. The payment is done directly to the education institution nullifying any tax implications to parents.

The financial support provided as give away is the maximum amount to be paid directly to the school and or college the participant is studying in on a yearly basis with a maximum yearly cap of Inr 50,000. Currently KnwEdu Challenge program has give away, which is paid directly to school or college towards tuition fees of selected position holders. In future we will be working with financial institutions wherein the give away amount can be invested for future returns to pay education bills.

KnwEdu Challenge is conducted on Sunday from 10 AM to 11:30 AM local Indian Standard Time, dates as published on the website. Registration is required 48 hours in advance in order to participate.

Position winners are declared across all possible public channels on the same day 2 PM onwards and special newspaper coverage of the students along with their parents are projected in National daily within 2-3 working days post participation.

Each Challenge position winner will have to provide valid scanned copy of school id card with clearly mentioned class, school name and school address within 30 min of intimation by KnwEdu Challenge team. The position winners will be contacted by phone as well as email, they will have to send the requested documents to: (

Each KnwEdu Challenge position winner is determined by our technology platform with in built industry standard parameters. It is a completely unbiased process.

Each participating student is expected to abide by the terms and conditions of local school and specific class participation and furnish authentic information during the registration process. Students being the future citizens of the country we take the information provided to us prima facia correct. Any falsified registration and or execution which violates the terms and conditions of KnwEdu Challenge will be strictly dealt with and candidates will be placed on the blacklist published on the website for future participation.