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What is KnwEdu Challenge?

How is KnwEdu Challenge different from rest of the competition?

KnwEdu Challenge is a program and not a competition. It has been designed, standardized and vetted by very well established educationalist, media houses and industry veterans. The aim is to help certain section of the society both evolve and elevate. Having financial give away in place the program achieves mentioned goals from inception with positive contribution to the society.

Why should I take KnwEdu Challenge?

How can KnwEdu Challenge benefit me?

How can KnwEdu Challenge help secure my future?

Can I uplift my social stature by participating in KnwEdu Challenge?

What are KnwEdu Challenge give away?

What are my chances to win a take away?

How do I prepare for KnwEdu Challenge?

What are the rules of KnwEdu Challenge, are they fair and square?

What are the questions likely to be asked in KnwEdu Challenge?

Who sets KnwEdu Challenge questions?

How much does it cost to participate in KnwEdu Challenge?

Why is KnwEdu Challenge a paid program?

Is KnwEdu Challenge a charity activity?

If I win KnwEdu Challenge how can I receive the give away?

Is there possibility to reinvest KnwEdu Challenge give away for future ?

What are the tax implications of KnwEdu challenge give away ?

How do I convince my parents to allow me to participate in KnwEdu Challenge ?

Is it worth taking KnwEdu Challenge, financially, socially, morally