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KnwEdu Challenge is an evaluation program contributing to academic excellence. The program aims is to recognize regionally potential students with urge for higher education and offer scholarship elements combining financial and social support to excel in future and contribute to the society. The program self-assesses students, helping them sharpen practical academic knowledge beyond the classroom. The aim is to introduce a sense of responsibility within the student fraternity, make them realise their potential and help them focus on a clear future career path. Realizing parent responsibility, aspiration and expectations from their wards, the program has been designed to help students talk to their parents and make collective and conscious career decision.

KnwEdu Challenge is for the aspiring students who have zeal to perform, flare to excel and dream to succeed. Prove yourself to your parents, friends and the society that you are somebody who will bring in the required change in future.

KnwEdu Challenge is a program and not a competition. It has been designed, standardized and vetted by very well established educationalist, media houses and industry veterans. The aim is to help certain section of the society both evolve and elevate. Having financial give away in place the program achieves goals from inception with positive contribution to the society.

KnwEdu Challenge is not a charity activity; it is a well-designed social activity. The program has been curated by industry veterans with a simple intention to help aspiring students and their parents plan for the future. The program recognises students with best of academic ability and rewards them generously by paying tuition fees on their behalf, helping them save valuable cash for higher education investment.