Bus Tracking : KnwEdu’s solution to parents’ concern over their child’s safety

It is usual for parents to worry about their children once they leave home for school by school bus no matter whether they’re toddlers or teens. After all they have no idea if the kid has reached school safely and they have got no way for bus tracking. This concern continues till the child returns home in the evening. If the school bus is little late, parents mind starts racing.

Beside that when it comes to dropping the kids at their bus stop and picking them up, parents wish the task to be less daunting. They would have to wait at the bus stops everyday restlessly waiting for the bus wasting their precious morning time. It is indeed painstaking to wait at the bus stops in this fast pacing life. Also at work parents repeatedly calls home till the time they could confirm that their kids are back home safely.

In the school children have teachers to look after them but what about the safety when they are on their way to school or on their way back home?

What if there was a way parents could know exactly where the bus was at? What if they knew, exactly at what time the bus would arrive? What if parents would be notified in case of any delay or change in the trip immediately? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that their child is late only because of heavy traffic?

Students’ safety and coordination have always presented school authoritative and parents with a vivid range of challenges and responsibilities.

Bus tracking feature provides real time updates to the parents and to the school authorities about the student's exact location using GPS technology

Adaptive vehicle and Bus tracking system that tracks school buses is an effective solution provided by KnwEdu. The concept is quite simple .It only requires smart phones both with guardians and bus drivers.

It provides real time updates to the parents and school authorities about the student’s exact location using GPS technology. They can be aware of students’ whereabouts providing extra safety by using the bus tracking feature.

Considering its simplicity and utility, this school bus tracking system is a boon from heaven for school authorities and parents. The App addresses the safety concern of parents and school authorities regarding students. The school bus tracking module of KnwEdu is an all-in-one solution.

The school Bus tracking system module is a complete core solution for many of the concern that parents faces regarding transport. It gives insight on live tracking school bus location with speed along with the status of the school bus in digital web. Most importantly it provides peace of mind for parents concerned with the safety of their children with prior notification.

With this App parents can be aware of the real time bus location and bus route as the app notifies them the very moment the bus reaches the stop, children reaches the school or boarded the bus. The application sends a notification to the parents just few minutes before the arrival thus saving the precious morning time by avoiding the long wait for the bus.


The attractive features and benefits of the School Bus Tracking feature is sure to revolutionize the management of every School Bus Fleet.

Technology has not only changed the teaching approach but also in overall school management these days. Ensuring the safety of the school goers was never this easier and effective. This school bus tracking system solution has already been making their presence felt in Middle East countries as well as in Europe and USA.

Such solution empowers all educational institutions to handle fleet management in a better manner and facilitates better decision making in every situation

Every school can strengthen its reputation by adapting KnwEdu’s efficient and feature-rich school management App.