Morning is busiest hour for all parents, be it any one. Time is precious; but morning time is ultra-precious. Kids always keep imagining new ways to skip school, like, not being ready when the school bus arrives. Sometimes, we plan to surprise your kid by receiving him/her after school yourself, but the uncertainty of the […]

KnwEdu is an integrated school management solution which aims to bring much needed simplicity to administration to an institutional especially in the field of education. Communication plays a vital role in school. Parents and students need to be kept in the loop and notified at all time with what is going on within the school […]

KnwEdu has set yet another benchmark recently when one of the partner school decided on using KnEwdu’s Bulletins feature for sending electronic notices and circulars; thus became early adopters of tech and paperless systems. The initiative was very well received by the parents and schools connected on its platform. There is an estimated saving of […]

KnwEdu’s feedback feature published a thread on its blog for “Introducing karate classes for kids”. Parents of students from the registered schools were notified by KnwEdu App for joining the the ongoing discussion on the forum regarding the subject. Enthusiastic participation from parents yielded a valuable discussion. A school registered on the system of KnwEdu […]

Today’s lifestyle! Everyone is rushing and extremely busy with the cumbersome work life. It often happens that we miss small things with no immediate consequence, and these unattended things evolve into great problems later on. Caring for kids, for example, needs a lot of attention but is often neglected in the race. We are not […]

Information and storage records have always been a prime resource of an organisation. Without it no organisation would able to perform. From Circulars, forms, assessments, student enrollment, performance records, and transfer documents to administrative records such as board meeting minutes, payrolls and payable, school paper works which quickly fill up banks of filing cabinets and […]

K-12 Education is the most recent and effective way of inculcating seeds of education in the growing children, which constitutes the combination of primary and secondary education. Many countries like India, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Philippines, Australia, Afghanistan, South Korea, United States and Iran have adopted and integrated K-12 Education system to the grass root level. […]

It is usual for parents to worry about their children once they leave home for school by school bus no matter whether they’re toddlers or teens. After all they have no idea if the kid has reached school safely and they have got no way for bus tracking. This concern continues till the child returns […]

In today’s world technological advancements have made things easier for us, but also more competitive, parents now can hardly devote time to their children a result of their busy schedule, KnwEdu has a solution to this problem. Gone are the days where students and teachers need to formally sit in a class to learn, to […]