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Academics Information System ©

“Informing you, informing all”

Academics Information System is a versatile and light version facilitating easy adaptability to any academics focused institutions. Introduces a robust information system within an education institution, hence connecting all stakeholders. Features offered by AIS have been well thought of to make a positive mark upon inception into new academic system and help achieve complete digitization. Hence no more paper circulars, manual fee collections or payments, missing out on the school events. All available at your fingertips.

Common App Platform for schools
Academic Information System ©
Common App
12 Features
Setup Assist
Fee Payment
Bus tracking (Options with and without gps device)
Email Support
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Features of Academics Information Features (AIS)


KnwEdu AIS has been conceptualized keeping in mind quick adaptability to any academics setup. It is designed specially for playschools, academics focused tutorials and institutions. Schools and colleges having basic level of technology adaptation can go for this module and can upgrade to the next level anytime. The AIS app platform has been developed keeping in mind academics needs and requirements, hence introducing a robust digital management infrastructure to the existing academic system.